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Failure Analysis


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Material Testing

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The term "failure" can refer to a fractured component or an assembly that no longer performs properly. The engineers at Express Testing have extensive experience in evaluating both types of failures. 

The personnel at Express Testing perform a wide variety of material testing along with the in-depth failure analysis of components and assemblies

We have evaluated failures from a wide variety of industries and applications. Customers include automotive, aerospace, medical, heavy equipment, oil/gas equipment, sporting goods and appliance manufacturers to name a few.

Material Testing Laboratories

Express Testing provides a wide variety of metal testing, product testing and forensic engineering.  We perform SEM/EDS evaluations, multiple types of hardness tests, metallography (microstructures), microhardness, NDE, salt spray/salt fog, tensile testing, chemical analysis, circle grid strain analysis and all of the testing required to support our failure analysis services.

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