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The SEM allows for a very high magnification evaluation of samples, fracture surfaces, sample profiles, edge conditions and any other feature that is better understood at high magnification with the excellent depth of field provided by the SEM.  Coating cross-sections can be examined to determine thicknesses and along with the EDS can often provide details regarding the coating constituent composition.   

Customers are often surprised at the amount of detail that can be observed and documented at the magnifications provided by the SEM.   

Material Testing Laboratories

A wide variety of fracture surfaces, coatings, materials and unknown debris samples have been evaluated over the years.  The team at Express Testing uses Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) predominantly in support of our failure analysis activities although potential applications for SEM analysis are practically endless.  The SEM and the associated Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) chemical analysis has been used extensively in many different applications..

Our operator has 20+ years experience in the operation of the SEM/EDS systems and evaluation of the photographs and data obtained.

SEM and EDS Analysis at Express Testing