Weld Evaluation

Oftentimes the microstructure gives information regarding a material's physical properties such as tensile strength, fracture toughness, ductility, hardness, resistance to corrosion, wear resistance, etc.  The metallographic mount can also be used to document the length and locations of cracks, the extent of corrosive attack and the path of corrosion assisted crack propagation.


Material Testing at Express Testing

Material Testing Laboratories

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The personnel in our Metallography Department have over 25 years experience in the evaluation of sample microstructures. Metallography is often performed in support of our failure analysis investigations but is routinely utilized to document case hardened surfaces (along with microhardness traverses), general microstructural constituents, grain sizes, inclusion content and/or potential defects such as decarburization, IGO etc.

Metallography can also be used to evaluate and document coating cross-sections.  The coating constituents can be measured using our calibrated metallograph.

The mounted sections can be examined further using the SEM/EDS system which can document features at extremely high magnifications.  Suspect inclusions or anomalies can be subjected to EDS chemical analysis to determine their chemical make-up. 


Circle Grid Strain Analysis


Through the years we have continued to enhance our capabilities which now include a wide variety of analytic techniques.  We can perform SEM/EDS evaluations, multiple types of hardness tests, metallography (microstructures), microhardness, NDE, salt spray/salt fog, tensile testing, chemical analysis, circle grid strain anlysis and all of the testing required to support our failure analysis services.

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